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Dran and drop a Label control in the topmost row and set its Text property to "Welcome to our web site! Then drag and drop three Hyper Link controls in the remaining rows and set their Text and Navigate Url properties as shown below: Table 4: Hyper Links of default page from Products folder On the similar lines design from Services folder as shown in Figure 6: Figure 6: Default page of Services folder The following table lists the Hyper Links used in the web form.

Figure 4: Sample run of In order to design this page, add a table with four rows and one column.

Add a new web form called Site Map Data Source to the web site.

Drag and drop a Site Map Data Source control (Site Map Data Source1) and a Tree View (Tree View1).

If you are using a script to generate your URLs, you can generally URL escape them as part of that script. For instance, the following python script entity escapes However, if your site changes frequently, you are encouraged to include the time portion so crawlers have more complete information about your site. For static files, this is the actual file update date.

You should also make sure that all URLs follow the RFC-3986 standard for URIs, the RFC-3987 standard for IRIs, and the XML standard. Use W3C Datetime encoding for the lastmod timestamps and all other dates and times in this protocol. This encoding allows you to omit the time portion of the ISO8601 format; for example, 2004-09-22 is also valid.NET navigation controls such as Site Map Path and Tree View) will include the newly added pages.But manually updating web.sitemap can be a daunting task taking into consideration if you have a lot of new pages to be added to your site or you are managing an ASP. This is where solutions to dynamically/automatically update your website navigation are important. Does it matter which character encoding method I use to generate my Sitemap files? What if I have another question about using the protocol or submitting a Sitemap? As with all XML files, any data values (including URLs) must use entity escape codes for the following characters: ampersand (&), single quote ('), double quote ("), less than (). Is there an XML schema that I can validate my XML Sitemap against?

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A sitemap is an XML file that lists the URLs of a website's pages along with additional metadata.

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