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Open CV) and attempt to determine sex of subject through that.

I'm not familiar with Open CV or computer vision software though, so I can't say for sure if it's been done.

All they are really doing here is stating that their Kinnect can actually do X ad here is how such a feature would be implemented.

From the experiment we can see how quickly the mapping between Taylor’s gestures and the robot’s happen, that the range of motion of the ‘bot is smaller than his, and that there could be a better way (using reverse kinematics) to control the robot where the position of the controller’s limbs are calculated, rather than the angle of each joint.I am working on an advertising application using Kinect, and what I want to do is when a man comes within a range of Kinect, it should display ads related to mens products and same goes with women. The Kinect API allows you to determine body position through a number of points at key locations (e.g. There's nothing in the API to allow you to determine sex. Along with mic and IR cam for depth data, the Kinect also has a regular camera, so you can acquire a stream from the camera, pipe its output into another API that deals with computer vision (e.g. Empty, null, null, null); Xml Document xml = new Xml Document(); xml. Select Nodes(@"response/photos/photo/tags/tag/attributes/gender"); foreach (Xml Node xn in xn List) I've written a Kinect wrapper for a simple game.We can see some of its flaws in the fact that when the ‘bot falls, Taylor has to remember to position his arms carefully to pick it up because Kinect is still tracking them.But make no mistake, this is big stuff: It was crafted quickly by an enthusiast, using relatively inexpensive gear.

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My guess is that sex could be determined through bodyshape, movement traits / gestures / other.

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