Plesk statistics not updating linux

If after some investigations it is required to generate statistic from a particular date use #213901965 article.

For other issues please check the articles below or contact Plesk Technical Support : #213936305 - How to recalculate statistics for a particular domain on Plesk for Llinux?

If these tables are empty in your server, plesk will not list any domain in domains list even though the contents exists in /var/www/vhosts directories.

In your case I believe upgrade, went wrong somewhere and your psa database is empty now.

Note: When you switch from one statistical program to another, all reports generated by the previously used statistical program are removed from the server.

To find out how many people visited a site, from what countries, and what pages of the site they viewed: Alternately, you can view the Web statistics for a site by visiting the following URL:

I logged into the panel, it asked me all the personal info and I started to get nervous.Easily Backup your VPS through Plesk interface so if the worst happens your data is safe.Plesk provides a white label solution enabling you to resell domain names and hosting to your customers throughout the UK or worldwide.If an applications filter is disabled, then the subscription owner can install all applications available from the Application Catalog those that were uploaded to the server by the administrator and marked as available for installation.Adds a record about an additional service provided to the subscription or included into hosting plan.

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