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Studies show the girl was closely related to Neanderthals, yet distinct enough to merit classification as a new species of archaic humans, which scientists named “Denisovan” after the cave where the pinkie bone was found.

The curators told me that there are more than 31 000 other ethnographic items from PNG in their collection.Surprisingly, the scientists found genetic overlap between the Denisovan genome and that of some present-day east Asians, and, in particular, a group of Pacific Islanders living in Papua New Guinea, known as the Melanesians.It appears the Denisovans contributed between 3 to 5 percent of their genetic material to the genomes of Melanesians.In a book published earlier this year, a Lowy Institute Penguin paperback called The Embarrassed Colonialist, I argue that despite Papua New Guinea being the largest single recipient of Australian aid (more than half a billion dollars a year), Australians seem ambivalent about the country.Few know the history of our colonial rule, and our long ties to PNG are quickly being forgotten.

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