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Needless to say, they butt heads and the issue comes up a lot. It’s nice to see that over 60% of men and women believe that similar attitudes towards money management is a must for a successful relationship.Here’s what else they revealed: Aside from infidelity and criminal behavior (! A recent survey conducted by So Fi finds that millennials consider debt to be the second-largest deal-breaker in a potential relationship partner.Almost one-quarter of respondents can tolerate up to 0,000 in debt, while 16.7% would balk at ,000 to ,000 of debt.But in this age, it's important that you and your partner be honest about your finances if you're in a serious relationship -- regardless of gender or who is bringing home the bacon! Both think -- at 70% and 68% respectively -- that it's OK to try to influence a partner's money decisions. A good example is this woman, whose boyfriend convinced her to pay off her student loan debt, which she did in just three years.More From Learn Vest 7 Signs You're With a Financial Keeper Is Your Husband Really Pulling His Weight?), hiding debt or lying about how much debt you have are absolute dealbreakers for most people.This seems like stating the obvious, but it is a great reminder to be upfront about who you are from the very beginning of a relationship. They will understand if you have had financial struggles. Thank you Credit for the reminder about how important it is to be honest in your relationship — and how compatibility really matters in the area of finances!

The other is much more lax, likes to have fun, go shopping, and isn’t overly concerned about saving every penny for retirement.8 Financial Red Flags in a Relationship Learn Vest's free Money Center will help you create a budget.Our free bootcamps will help you take control of your money, cut your costs or get out of debt.When asked if they would dump someone over their debt, 55.4% of respondents said no, while another 39% said that it depends on how much debt is involved.However, few people want to be upfront about their debts with their potential partners.

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