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The problem arises when I have pages that I don't want included in a menu, so I leave the "provide a menu link" box unchecked.Even if the "Generate automatic URL aliases" box is checked for those pages without a menu link, the page completely ignore any url alias patterns I have set up and the url always shows up as 'node/31' instead of 'my-content-page'.For domains with a large number of users, it can take more than 24 hours after verification for all users and Groups to receive their alias email addresses.

Here's a quick introduction to the syntax: The text below assumes that you already have Postfix installed on the system, either by compiling the source code yourself (as described in the INSTALL file) or by installing an already compiled version. Information about how to configure Postfix for specific applications such as mailhub, firewall or dial-up client can be found in the STANDARD_CONFIGURATION_README file.

"Delete" tab and form submit button removed: ..deletion selected as action: ..creation selected as action reveals the "Update existing" column with individual checkboxes per bundle: That's why in my second mockup (where the delete action is selected from the drop-down menu), the "Update existing" column is not present at all.

It is only available when one selects the create action.

View the status of your domain verification on the Domains page in your Admin console.

Immediately after you complete the steps above, the status should read "Updating." When your ownership is verified, the status becomes "Active." The total transition time depends on the number of users and the load of the system.

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