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Designed by automotive engineers, the Model M drives like a premium electric vehicle, distancing itself from antiquated power wheelchairs and scooters designed decades ago.

“The wheelchair industry has seen very little innovation in design and technology,” said Sugie Satoshi, CEO of WHILL.

‘Thailand is one of the top producers of rubber meaning packing six pairs of crutch tips all the way across the world was so unnecessary and this made me realise that the world doesn’t need more bloggers.

‘It needs more bloggers with unique experiences.’ "“9 Stunning Photos Of Differently Abled Women Taking Back The Beach" by Rebecca Adams @refinery29 📷 @gigilaub Link in bio ( #refinery29 #Mamacax #coneyisland #AASpring #American Apparel #gillianlaub #Take Back The Beach (ONLY COMMENT w/ EMOJIS ✌🏿️) ___________________________________ A post shared by Mama Cāx (@mamacaxx) on Her plan was then to set up a travel blog where she could share her experiences ‘as a woman, as a person of colour and as a person with a physical disability’.

But prepare to be completely inspired – both style-wise and life-wise by Mama Cax. Today, she walks with a prosthetic leg with the help of two forearm crutches.

These are examples of the incredible maneuverability that the Model M allows, providing users with a liberating, mobile and active lifestyle.

My legs just didn’t have the strength to get me where I needed to go. Cobblestone streets and gravel roads are passable again on foot.

I’ve been using forearm crutches—also called Canadian or Lofstrand crutches—ever since, and they have changed my life.

(Note: how to fit and properly use this type of crutch, and why they are so effective, is for another article.) Let’s start by breaking down each variable to consider when purchasing forearm crutches.

Those looking to buy their first pair of crutches may not be aware that there are two different types of crutches, and that they have some major differences.

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