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Plimpton’s sorrowful response on Twitter morphed into blazing anger at those who implied that addicts only have themselves to blame.

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"It's really bad timing with the injury but it's like I needed something to remind me of all I enjoyed in skating.

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Facebook App: Open links in External Browser There is a specific issue with the Facebook in-app browser intermittently making requests to websites without cookies that had previously been set.

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För att bli premium (GULD) medlem på livstid och låsa upp denna funktion är allt du behöver göra att köpa tokens vid ett tillfälle!

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Through the confusion and the chaos, the pain and the self-questioning, they worked to create a joyous sound. “Good Day Sunshine,” (1966): Paul Mc Cartney was welcome to write all the happy, upbeat, cheery-cheery songs he wanted. It could have been “Yum Food Delicious,” or “Hot Sex Baby,” or any other three random words Mc Cartney took out of his — and note that of these three choices Mc Cartney chose the blandest.

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Is there a way, as for update link in Facebook, to force update of twitter cards URL content ? The same URL links to an updated content, including Tweet Cards Metas, but tweets that refers to that URL do not reflect changes of the landing page...

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The wife wants a child, The wife wants a child, Eee, Aye, Addio, The wife wants a child.* [Etc] In the last twenty years or so, however, the phrase "the farmer wants a wife" has come to be synonymous with the single farmer's quest to find a like-minded partner who understands the farming way of life and spawned a reality TV series developed by Freemantle Media which premiered in the UK on ITV back in 2001 and, more recently, on Channel Five in 2009.